The use of color as a design tool is very important when it comes to curb appeal. Using siding on the exterior of a home can add color and texture, enhancing the overall appeal of a house. Your home’s siding will act as the foundation of your color scheme.

When you match a great siding color with the just-right color of trim, it elevates your home’s aesthetic from ordinary to extraordinary. With so many colors of siding and trim on the market, the possibilities are endless. You can also draw attention to focal points or design details by adding accent colors on shutters, soffits, the front door - or even with the furnishings and planters that you select.

Tips for Choosing Siding Colors for Your Home

  • Use a lighter trim color to draw attention to the trim
  • Use a soft contrast between body and trim colors to make your home appear larger
  • Use deeper body colors for a warm, cozy feeling
  • Look for colors that align with your neighborhood or environment
  • Use a third color for special details that you want to highlight
  • Switch up body colors in horizontal bands, not vertical stripes



White is a neutral color — it’s neither warm nor cool. A white house paired with tan exterior trim, however, has an instant and cozy warmth. Any siding color gets a boost from the brightness of white trim—including white siding. White siding with white trim unifies a home’s various accents, giving even traditional and vintage homes a modern feel.

Great for: All Styles of Homes


A blue house with white trim is an American classic. Whether your blue siding is as dark as evening or light as mist, you cannot go wrong with white trim to match. Blue house siding with gray trim gives familiar home styles an updated twist.

Great for: Colonials, Cape Cods


Gray siding has grown in popularity, in part because it makes a bold visual statement. Lighten up the look with a crisp white trim.

Great for: American Foursquares, Ranch Homes


Beige and tan are both brown tones, which are made by mixing white into brown. As a pair, tan house siding and beige exterior trim give a home an earthy vibe. On historic home styles like Craftsman or Bungalow, beige siding with beige trim has a surprisingly contemporary impact. The beige-on-beige exterior color palette softens accents so that they blend in, rather than stand out.

Great for: Craftsman and Bungalows


Using a bold, deeper color such as red siding or green siding is an excellent way to express the best features of your home. A house can sometimes appear smaller with strong contrasts in colors (using light and dark colors together), but contrast is not always a bad thing and can actually enhance design. If you like deeper colors and don’t want your house to look smaller, try a mid-tone trim color instead of white. This will make the main color look brighter. For example: A beige exterior trim color brightens and brings warmth to red siding.

Great for: Modern Homes, Victorians

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