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Roof Inspection Company

Do you need roof inspection services in Omaha? Roof inspections should be performed at least annually, as well as after any storm that produces significant wind, rain, hail, or snow. Roof inspections are also important when buying and selling a home. These inspections, which are best handled by a professional roofing company, are meant to identify any areas of weakness or deterioration so that necessary repairs can be made before further damage occurs.

If you meet any of the above criteria, then it’s a good thing you found Carp’s Complete Exteriors. If problem areas are left unidentified and unresolved, the lifespan of the roof is significantly lowered, leading to unnecessary repair and replacement costs in the future. Come to us for a free roof inspection in Omaha and find the exact solution that your roof needs!

Trustworthy Omaha Roof Inspection Company

There are a few things to keep in mind when comparing Omaha roof inspection companies, and honesty should be at the top of the list! When you team up with Carp’s, you’re choosing an A+ BBB-rated and accredited business. You can count on us to provide a thorough and accurate report without pressuring you into roofing services that you don’t need. During your roof inspection, we will evaluate the following and more:

  • The General Condition of Your Roof: We will check for debris, drainage issues, structural damage, and other general signs of trouble.
  • Signs of Damage to Roofing Materials: The roof inspector checks asphalt shingles for granule loss, punctures, cracks, peeling, and loosening.
  • Soffits, Fascia, Flashing, and More: Adjacent roof features are also inspected for damage—including soffits, fascia, flashing, gutters, skylights, chimneys, drains, and more.
  • Interior Conditions: Your ceilings and walls are inspected for signs of water damage that could indicate a leaking roof.

What if you need roof repair services? At Carp’s, we strive to provide services of the highest quality in order to ensure lasting style and performance. If a roof repair is needed, we will recommend the most efficient and cost-effective way to proceed. 

Schedule a Free Roof Inspection in Omaha

Whether you need a roof inspection for insurance purposes after storm damage or because you are buying or selling a home, you’ve come to the right place! Contact Carp’s Complete Exteriors today to learn more about our roof inspections or to schedule an appointment with our Omaha roofers. You’re welcome to reach us by phone or using our convenient online form.

Could it be time for a new roof? We provide high-quality roof replacement services as well as a variety of exterior remodeling options. Come to us for James Hardie siding, the best selection of Marvin Windows in Omaha, and much more. Browse our website to see what we have to offer, or simply give us a call!