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Omaha, NE Stone Work Installer

Stone veneer accents dress up the look of your house yet offer a significant advantage: they give your home the same look of natural stone and mortar, without added installation time or the expensive cost of masonry.

Carp’s installs a variety of stone accents, including Ledger stone sheets and manufactured stone products from Versetta Stone and TightCut. These specialty stone veneers come in many shades, sizes and shapes to fit a variety of architectural styles, from veneers that look like brick, to traditional pebble stone or river stone, to a more modern look. Stone finishes can be added in any number of locations for instant curb appeal.

  • Dress up a front facade, foundation or garage frame
  • Make a statement on columns or mouldings
  • Frame in a porch or entryway
  • Create a focal point and add aesthetic charm

Carp's Featured Stone Products

Versetta Stone

Carp’s Complete Exteriors has been installing Versetta Stone for over 20 years. Versetta Stone is panelized-stone veneer that has no need for paint, coating or sealing, and is backed by a 50 year limited warranty with one-time transferability. Versetta Stone products are also made from a minimum of 50% recycled content, which is validated by UL Environment.

Benefits of Versetta Stone:

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • No need to coat, paint or seal
  • Withstands freezes, thaws, winds and heat
  • Made of lightweight aggregate materials
  • Requires no additional footings for support
  • Allows for a fast, clean installation process

Versetta Stone Siding

Versetta Caved Block

Ledger Stone

Carp’s also offers Ledger stone installation. Ledger stone is a naturally thin, veneer stone that offers many benefits over manufactured stone. It is a natural stone tile commonly used for walls, fireplaces or borders. Ledger stone sheets are made from rectangular strips of natural stone arranged with a mesh backing to form a veneer.

Unlike manufactured stone, ledger stone offers more of a colorful beauty that won't fade away or wash away. Instead, over time, weather actually enhances the beauty of ledger stone, providing a more rich and authentic look. Ledger stone is resilient and offers the beauty of natural full-depth stone at an affordable price.

Tight Cut

The Versetta Stone Tight Cut Pattern gives you the sophisticated look of expertly cut and fitted stones in a panel that installs with screws or nails. It’s an efficient way to raise the bar on curb appeal. This manufactured stone veneer can be used inside for accent walls or fireplaces, or outside around patios or pools where you want the inviting look of stone.

Tight Cut offers several advantages, including:

  • It can be easily installed by a siding installer, or carpenter
  • It can be installed anywhere without the need for additional footings or support
  • It is available in several popular colors
  • It is durable to withstand freezes, thaws, winds and heat.

Evolve Stone

Evolve StoneTM is the most innovative siding product to date, surpassing its predecessors in value, ease, and accessibility. Formulated from patented Evolve Material, it is the very first stone cladding that can be face nailed in the same fashion as traditional siding!

Evolve Stone offers several advantages, including:

  • Most realistic stone veneer product on the market
  • Easy installation-up to 10X faster when compared to the competition
  • Moisture impermeable compared to competitors' products, which can hold moisture against the structure
  • Extremely durable, reducing breakage during shipping and installation
  • No heavy duty staging or scaffolding required
  • No need for engineered tie-backs, grade beams, or stone ledges
  • Installs structurally under vinyl siding guidelines